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Where the Colors Don't Go

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This is the icon/graphics journal of adiaaida. Here you will find icons, wallpapers, layouts, tutorials, and fanmixes.


* crediting
* crediting is a MUST. if you don't credit, you're stealing, and if you are stealing, well, i don't want to go into that. Just don't steal. Credit my icons, credit my wallpapers, credit my mood themes, credit my headers.

To credit my icons in the keywords, when you upload the icon to livejournal as a userpic, just type my name(colorsdontgo) into the keywords box. or into the comments box, whichever suits your fancy.

To credit my mood themes or header images, mention me somewhere in your userinfo.

* editing
* i don't know how many times we have to say this, but textless icons are not bases and should not be edited. thank you.

* hotlinking
* Death to all the hotlinkers i catch. if i find one of my icons on any site and it has been hotlinked, things will not be pretty. This is your final warning.

* commenting
* commenting is the best thing anyone could ever do for any iconmaker. we love knowing if our icons are loved or hated. So comments are greatly welcomed and enjoyed. I want to get better, so if you don't like something, please, tell me what you don't like about it. Advise me on what to do better next time. I will be greatly appreciative.

* nominating
* if you see an icon, and you love that icon, feel free to nominate that icon. Nominations are only second to commenting. But please, tell me if you are nominating and do not hotlink the icons, because what if my photobucket dies? then what?

* friending
* if you love my icons and want to be updated when i post a new batch, please friend this journal. however, if you love my icons, feel like we have lots of stuff in common, please, come visit and friend me there. just don't forget to comment here so i can add you back :D.


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layout info: header by me, codes by autofade, but edited by me.