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21 December 2007 @ 10:20 pm
Well, this started by me wanting to do a nifty little 10x10 post. However, i'm at a point where photoshop and i need a break from one another again, so i'm posting the first 50 icons, in hopes that i'll get to the last 50 sometime later. So, here they are.

01-10: Anna Friel
11-20: Billie Piper
21-30: Kate Walsh
31-40: Kristen Bell
41-50: Pushing Daisies


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16 December 2007 @ 04:59 pm
Hey everyone! Ok, so I'm not really back at all, and seeing that i haven't made anything in over 6 months, I'd even be surprised to see anyone commenting on this, but I made a new wallpaper for myself(because I needed a new one desperately) and I decided that maybe I should share it. I'd love comments, especially seeing as though I haven't touched photoshop in a rather long time and haven't made a wallpaper that I actually like in well over a year. Ok, anyway, enough of my rambling. The wallpaper is of Anna Friel. Here it is:

1280x768 - widescreen
04 June 2007 @ 12:15 pm
As promised, icons.

01-18; Doctor Who(1-5 are from my fanmix posted here)
19-50; Bones
51-54; The West Wing
55-57; Billie Piper
58-62; Emily Deschanel
63-68; Eva Green


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31 May 2007 @ 10:18 pm
Hey everyone!!! I made a Doctor Who fanmix. It's Rose/The Doctor. This has been a very interesting journey, this fanmix. It was a labor of love, so to speak, that took me forever. Well, in my mind, it took forever. I never really think about my song choices, but this time, I really worked on it. So after my long journey, sinking into the melancholy that is the ending of the relationship between Rose and the Doctor (which i so don't buy into, they'll get back together. They will. I am in denial), i have produced this. There are two "discs" - one from the doctor's point of view, and the other from rose's point of view. 24 songs in total, 12 per "disc". So, please, enjoy and tell me what you think! Link's at the bottom.

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18 May 2007 @ 09:07 pm
Well, I've been away for a ghastly 9 months... to the date tomorrow. I really should have put up a hiatus sign shouldn't have I? well, no matter. I'm back again. That's happy right? I appreciate all the comments I've still been getting on some of my old posts. They make me happy. Ok, on to the art... well, you know.

I have a new layout up. It is of Janel Moloney. This year I really got into The West Wing... and I love Donna. She was my favorite.

I also have 35 icons for you and two wallpapers.

so enjoy :D. The icons go from newest to oldest, basically. as in the Studio 60 and Alias icons are from last year and i just never posted them. I think i still have some Veronica Mars icons like that, but they aren't going to be posted, because i don't like them very much anymore.

01-04: West Wing Cast
05-09: Doctor Who/Billie Piper
10-12: Bones
13-00: Katherine Heigl
14-22: Studio 60
23-35: Alias(from alias_lims last year


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